I went back out by myself this afternoon to get into a few more of the Snag Proof "FRAWG" annihilation! I got started about 9am and the fish were still in the areas that I had found them yesterday. They were however a little slower but still aggressive enough to have a great time with. I only had a few hrs. to fish but it was at the prime time of when the frog bite gets "cranked up". When the sun gets over head and the sweat starts pouring, the action with the plankton, bugs, small bream, and the Bass get active. The grass is at it's prime now with the mucky and hollowed out look we've waited for, and now all we need is a few cooler days to move in to get the fish even more aggressive. Barring any kind of major weather changes that include floods to wash the grass mats out, this should be the best "FRAWGIN FALL" on the "Big G" we've seen in a couple of years. It's a blast so get out and enjoy it! Mike Carter