Today was one of those days that shows when the sun gets overhead and and starts baking the grass it's time to get your "FRAWG ON". The morning started out a little slow from the lack of current and north front pushing in, but I was still able to catch several small fish on an Echo crankbait. When the clouds cleared and the sun started baking the grass...and me, I got out the Snag Proof Frog and started going to work! I only had a couple of hrs to work with but those 2 hrs of "FRAWGIN" was an absolute blast! What these fished lacked in size they made up for it with their aggressiveness. There were several areas where the fish were "exploding" on my frog and if they didn't get it the first time it was no problem to throw right back in and they would erupt again. No matter the size of fish that you get on with a frog, when they are this aggressive it's one heck of an experience. Ain't nuttin' like it!!! Have fun, Mike Carter