Yesterday was just another one of those days on Chickamauga Lake that makes you want to keep coming back. I've been fishing Chickamauga since 1989 when I started working in Chattanooga, Tn. I would take my boat to work with me and when I would get off of work or even before I would go into work I would spend several hrs. fishing and learning the lake. This went on for over 18 yrs. and I fished that lake through the times when you never seen any grass and when you did within a short time TVA would get rid of it. This had the fishing on this lake considerably "tough" during the early to mid 90's. The stocking program and the better management that they started for the lake and the in the mid 90's started showing up and the lake "took off". When I started guiding 11 yrs. ago I would always throw in a few trips on Chickamauga to make sure I stayed in touch with it, but the majority of my trips stayed on the "Big G" because of it being my home lake that I grew up fishing all of my life. A couple of very memorable trips that come to mind are of one that I had taken on the "Chick" with John Baily the owner of Producer Swimbaits. John had just started "tinkering" with his swimbaits during that time and I was able to catch one over 8 lbs. on one of his new baits. A great new boost for his new company! The other was in the Fall of last yr. when a gentleman hired me for a day of learning some areas to catch some fish on a Frog. That day I was able to catch another "Big Chick Hawg" on a Snag Proof Frog, and it also was over 8 lbs., and the way this fish "exploded" on my frog was absolutely phenomenal. Now the fish we caught from yesterday just solidified how much I want to start guiding on the "Chick" on a more consistent basis again. I've always advertised guiding on Chickamauga but never really focused on staying consistent with it. I enjoy fishing Chickamauga and I look forward to dividing my guide business between both Guntersville and Chickamauga Lakes. They are both fantastic fisheries and are a couple of the best in the country. I will be accepting requests to book guide trips on Chickamauga Lake starting Sept. 25th. and will be spending a lot of time there to stay "in touch" with the fish and different patterns as the seasons start to change. It's about the same distance for me to guide on Guntersville, Chickamauga, Nickajack, and Weiss Lakes and it's especially going to be a "blast" to be able to spend a little more time on the "Big Chick" again. Let's have some fun! Mike Carter