The fish are coming off of their spawning pattern and have started moving out to some of the deeper grass and ledge areas. There are still several in the shallow grass that can be taken with soft plastics but when you break out the Producer Swimbaits and Choo Choo Rocker jigs the quality has been more consistent. I had a trip Monday with 3 gentlemen that wanted to just catch a few fish to have some fun with during their visit here from Wisconsin and the shallow grass areas produced some action with smaller swimbaits and plastics. Today I had a couple of gentlemen from Ga. that wanted to get into some swimbait and jig action around some of the deeper areas. We started out with 3/4 oz. Producer Swimbaits and was able to get some good quality bites, and after a couple of fish one guy found out just how hard a "Big-G HAWG" can hit one of these baits. The sad part was he also found out the feeling when one of this size decides it has somewhere better to go and just comes off. This happened a couple of more times with these guys and created some great conversation and ribbing for the rest of the day. When the wind stopped and the water became "dead calm" they started using Choo Choo Rocker and Football Jigs and the action picked up where it left off. The Spots were even getting in on the action with the jigs. The only downfall for today was once again the floating eel grass and this has been very frustrating to deal with, but it's here and we just have to keep moving until you find and area that it's not so bad and see if there's a fish in that area that will "stretch your string". Have fun, Mike Carter