I had an early trip with a Gentleman and his Daughter that were wanting to learn a few patterns to use on the "Big-G". The cold north wind and the sudden drop in the water temps had the fish a little sluggish, but they were able to put a few in the boat with Echo Crankbaits and 3/4 oz. Rat-L-Traps. When we finished I got out by myself to see if I could figure out just "what the heck was going on", and after a few minutes of looking around, I did just that and it was just plain ole "fun" when I did. There is just nothing like the feeling of a fish engulfing a Producer Swimbait, and there's also nothing like the feeling of a good fish coming up and throwing the Swimbait back at you, and that happened a couple of times also. The action and the quality of these baits are second to none, and the name absolutely speaks for itself; "They Produce"! I covered some of the same areas from earlier in the morning, I just approached them a little differently and the results were great. Maybe when Dad and Daughter comes back they can put together the same pattern for themselves and have the same results. It's a blast, get out and enjoy it! Mike Carter