When the "TRAP" bite is on, there just aint nuthin like it! Covering a lot of water and finding some holes in the floating Eel Grass to put a lure in was the main pattern today. With very little wind to move the Eel grass around to where you can at least make a cast, it made fishing a lot of areas just absolutely tough. "BUT" when you did find a few holes in the grass to work the Echo or Big Trap, these fish would annihilate them. It made it frustrating dealing with all of the floating grass, but occasionally one would "latch on" and make the trouble worth while. I fished a lot of grass lines from 2-4 ft. to 8-10 ft. and was able to put a few in the boat from several of these areas. We look forward to seeing you at the Lake Guntersville Rat-L-Trap Open this Sunday. It's fun so get out and enjoy it! Mike Carter