I guess it goes on everywhere you go, people that call themselves "SPORTSMEN" just because they have a license to hunt or fish or both, want to take advantage of a privilege that we all have and trash it the best way they know how without any care of any other "TRUE SPORTSMAN" that may want to use the same privilege. Lake Guntersville has some great opportunities for anglers and hunters alike and also it has some of the more nicer boat launching facilities than a lot of other lakes and with "NO LAUNCHING FEES"!! "BUT" still there are those true "IDIOTS" that could care less about the privileges that we have and just trash up these places and go around and call themselves "SPORTSMEN". These kind of occurrences have really gotten popular the past few years and it seems that they will always go on no matter what we think or try to do to help the situation. It's really nice to pull up to a ramp for a day of fishing with your family and not only see trash that someone has left but also have to put up with the "STINCH" of Gar and Carp left from some of our "TRUE SPORTSMEN" dumped in or beside the parking lots instead of disposing of them in a proper manner. This is a sporting and recreational privilege that we all have and "MAYBE" this will get to a few eyes and ears and some of this can stop. But then we have all, or at least the ones that care, have thought of this and it just keeps on without any sign of getting better. The next time you decide to dump your fish or throw your trash in one of our launching ramp parking lots, maybe, just "MAYBE" you might take just a few seconds and think of the work that went in to build these places and the work that still goes in to keep them clean, you "MIGHT" decide to do the right thing and try helping in taking a little bit better care of these places and dispose of your trash and "FISH" properly. It don't take but just a few seconds or minutes to do the right thing instead of ruining it for everyone else. Get out and have fun. Mike Carter