The Rat-L-Trap Echo is still doing it's "Thang" by producing fish in tough conditions like we had yesterday. The north wind started out strong and just "Dang Cold" but eased up as the morning progressed. We covered a lot of 6-8 ft. grass line areas and these guys were able to put a few in the boat from each area. The cold front was really making for a slow tough morning but these 3 brothers had a blast getting to catch some fish for their first trip to the "Big-G" considering the conditions they had to deal with. 1 fish 1 pic, then release the fish, I just don't believe in riding them around all day to be handled multiple times, through the gills, dropped in the boat, etc., just to see how many we can put on each hand for a multiple fish pick. I can see that the water is cooler but still don't see a reason to do this any time of the year. The tournaments that go on with this lake will put enough stress on the fish but that's part of the competition and "WE" have to ride them around and cull through them all day, but when you don't have to, then why? That's just the way I think but to each his own. We have already seen the progress in better fish care through the tournaments and this is already a big plus for what we are trying to accomplish. The Lake Guntersville Conservation Group is still working strong and not letting up, and Sharon has succeeded in getting a lot of steps to move forward and help with this process. We will plan a meeting in mid December to let everyone interested know what steps have taken and what all we (Sharon) has done so far. It's been a long waiting process but we have succeeded in attracting a lot of interest in what we are trying to do. I will post ASAP on the date and time of our next meeting, so please try to attend and express your thoughts on ways to help even more. Thanks so much for everyones support. Have fun, Mike Carter